Aurora is an experienced investor and has successfully invested and advised innumerous start-ups in China and overseas, such as Abra, AE, BitForex, Clouder and PATH. Her previous working experience includes the World Bank, Merrill Lynch, and the Boston Consulting Group. She holds a Master’s degree from Columbia University.

She is a public speaker in the areas of Blockchain, Economy, Finance and Management and a passionate Blockchain advocate and investor. She believes the Blockchain is changing the world one project at a time, and is proud of being a direct participant in that change.



Vivi Lin is an award-winning TV personality and blockchain advisor. She is currently partner of Crypto Capital, helping with global deal sourcing and incubation. She is also founder of blockchain-focused TV channel “On the Block”, which serves the blockchain startup and investor community with top-notch storytelling and information.

She has hosted numerous world-class summits, including Silicon Valley Mars Blockchain Summit 2018, Silicon Valley Investment & Entrepreneurship Forum in 2016 & 2017. Vivi holds a MBA with Manchester Business School, and a Master with Communication University of China.



Daniel Rufini is a highly qualified professional in the areas of Communication, Marketing and Business Development. He holds a Master’s Degree in International Business from the University of Liverpool.

Daniel has a strong passion for and is directly involved with the development of the Blockchain industry though marketing digital-asset exchanges, high-quality Blockchain projects and DLT. He believes that supporting the right projects will enable them to ultimately drive mass adoption from the general public to a variety of amazing Blockchain applications.He comes from an traditional entrepreneurial family, lived in six different countries, speaks 5 languages and has visited over 40 countries, which enabled him to establish rich professional resources globally.