Crypto Capital is a global leading digital asset fund. We seek out revolutionary Blockchain projects and back them, as well as reputable and talented entrepreneurs at the forefront of innovation. We rely on our strong Blockchain advantages such as rich global resources and professional investment research team in order to make our investments. We deploy multiple investment strategies by leveraging our profound industry background.

Our mission is to bring to real life real Blockchain applications by enabling and supporting high-quality projects on developing them. Our core investment philosophy focuses on Blockchain, Digital Assets and Distributed Ledger Technology. Else, we are deeply involved in the Blockchain industry through mining operations, digital wallets and digital-asset exchanges.

Crypto Capital supports the growth of those projects with venture capital financing, global market development and post-investment management, along with its cross-border network of institutional and retail investors, and a wide range of strategic partners. Other than that, our company focuses on the incubation of high-quality Blockchain projects in order to lay out a complete Blockchain ecosystem.

Crypto Capital’s core team comprise of well-known industry tycoons and seasoned cryptocurrency and blockchain investors. They are experts and leaders in the financial, Blockchain, and artificial intelligence industries. Together, we have supported several top Blockchain projects such asAbra, AE, PATH and BitForex since our foundation, in 2016.

By the end of March 2018, Crypto Capital’s return in terms of Bitcoin net income was of 592%.